Service management solutions are needed to proactively capture, report, and act on events happening inside your network. Based on many years of experience in the mobile industry, our monitoring products are designed to detect problems in all common points of failure of 2G, 3G and 4G roaming services. Generally, roaming services are more vulnerable to failure due to the heightened technical complexity of the roaming scenario, the dependence on roaming partners to correctly implement network configuration data and the reliance on a transit network.

Practice has shown that standard acceptance tests are far from sufficient to guarantee correct service functionality across entire networks and technical failures are far more common than is generally perceived. On top of this, many mobile network operators have little or no monitoring capabilities concerning data roaming services. GEMIK aims to fill this monitoring gap in a reliable, uncomplicated and cost-efficient manner.

Unlike active testing tools, our monitoring systems process live network traffic on strategic interfaces, every second of the hour and every hour of the day. This provides you with seamless monitoring data from every corner of your network, and the networks of your roaming partners. From out-of-the-box to up and running in hours, our monitoring solutions provide valuable statistical information, proactively detect problems and assist in making informed decisions to maximize network performance and customer satisfaction.

Our product range includes all necessary components for the deployment of a fully-fledged monitoring system. We offer network probes, xDR Generators as well as the actual monitoring applications which process the signaling data to produce service usage and service quality relevant statistics.

In terms of monitoring capabilities we provide modules for all major signaling protocols:

  • MAP
  • Diameter
  • GTPv1 and GTPv2
  • ISUP
  • SIP
  • CAP

Thereby enabling our customers to monitor almost all aspects of their roaming services such as the number of users roaming in a specific network and the quality of the signaling that these users generate.

We believe in our products and guarantee instant monitoring results. As such, we offer fully supported evaluation installations for all our monitoring software. This provides you with the opportunity to thoroughly test our monitoring solutions in your own network environment, without obligation.

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